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COVID-19 Sports Cancellations

by | Jul 3, 2020

This list is no longer being updated with individual team cancellations. 

This tracked all the season and annual sports cancellations as they were announced through July 17, 2020. Due to the volume of conferences postponing and suspending, coupled with the inconsistent wording of terms like suspend and postpone, this list is no longer being updated with individual teams, it's just too unclear in many situations to understand if schools are completley sacking their fall sports or if they're hopeful to play in the spring. There's also teams that wish to compete on their own rather than follow their conference lead. 

To continue to track, here are two resources to follow: D1Ticker Google Doc | Adam Nelson's List


The link above contains the dropped and indefintley suspended sports. That list will continue to be updated as the verbiage with those teams is much clearer than how conferences and schools have been releasing their fall season postponement. 

A team is listed by its championship season. Some sports have split competition seasons, but the season that holds the championship is the season listed (i.e. tennis has fall competition, but it's a spring championship sport). This can sometimes vary by division.   



The following is a list of all the known dropped teams and schools closing (with athletics) since the start of the COVID-19 global pandemic. This list is updated frequently and compiled by Jason Bryant (@jasonmbryant) of Mat Talk Online (@mattalkonline). Feel free to use this information as you see fit, but please provide attribution. This page's intent is to inform and educate as well as provide a place to show the impact of the current climate in the world and in college athletics.

A quick total of teams can be seen at the bottom of the table where it generates the number of entries in the table.

Something missing? Please contact me at with any teams that aren't listed. When possible, provide a published report, athletics release or other verifiable source for the information. You can also DM me on Twitter. My DMs are open.

Conference listed is the school's main athletics all-sports conferences, except when noted.

Season/Year Cancellations

Schools that have bagged athletics for the 2020-21 academic year or specific seasons.

NOTE: The following conferences have announced postponements of the fall sports with intent or plans to compete in the spring. If that option was clearly outlined in the release, they are not listed in the chart. Those conferences are listed below.

Conference Date Division Schools Link
Northwest Athletic Conference 2020-07-09 Junior College 36 Release
NESCAC 2020-07-10 Division III 11 Release
Empire 8 2020-07-15 Division III 9 Release
New England Collegiate 2020-07-15 Divison III 7 Release
PSAC 2020-07-15 Division II 18 Release
Northeast-10 2020-07-16 Division II 14 Release
Red River Conference 2020-0-716 NAIA 12 Release
Southern Collegiate 2020-07-16 Division III 10 Release
Atlantic 10 2020-07-17 Division I 14 Release
Colonial (Football Only) 2020-07-17 Division I (FCS) 12 Release
Commonwealth Coast Conference 2020-07-17 Division III 10 Release
East Coast Conference 2020-07-17 Division II 10 Release