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Top College Individual Win Streaks

Tracking the top individual win streaks in college wrestling history. Below is the men's collegiate win streaks that are documented to have been at least 70 in a row. Because wrestlers crossed divisions historically, there is a difference and distinction between eras and divisional alignments by schools – this is why every division is grouped here. If there's a wrestler not listed who you feel has a claim to be on this list – email with information that could lead to inclusion.

Chances are, if you've heard of them, so have we and we've already validated the records. It should be noted that what counts as official and unofficial in eras also change. We can't retroactively apply rules from today to the past, just like rules from the past can't be applied to today. The win streaks are win streaks. These are NOT unbeaten streaks (that include ties).

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Women's College

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