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COVID-19 Era Dropped & Suspended Sports

by | Apr 7, 2020


  • Alaska-Anchorage is a Division II school, but men's ice hockey competed in Division I, while the ski teams and women's gymnastics teams competed for all-divisional NCAA championships. For the purposes of this chart, those sports are considered “Division I” as it's the only championship (mainly for sorting purposes).
  • Rutgers-Newark suspended men's and women's tennis, but AD Mark Griffin refused to provide a date of the move when asked twice via e-mail (and the school never issued a release). While no exact date was tracked down, April was cited by an individual close to the program, so for the sake of tracking, tax day becomes the date listed.
  • Alfred State also didn't put out a release with the removal of two sports (men's lacrosse and equestrian) from its website's sports offerings. No reply from an inquiry about the drops (and why no release).hunt
  • Florida International had no athletes impacted by the loss of indoor track, thus their athlete count for that sport is zero.
  • Alabama-Huntsville dropped two Division II sports and one Division I sport. Sports where schools are competing “up” list that school's conference by that specific conference where they compete. Division I Ice Hockey was reinstated, then suspended again due to lack of a Division I conference affiliation.
  • Central Michigan dropped men's indoor and outdoor track, but athletes were for both sports. Athlete count is from the website's published roster and the outdoor contains the impacted athletes.
  • St. Edward's lists cheer as a co-ed sport. The athlete totals should be two men, 15 women. UMass Dartmouth dropped co-ed sailing, it's counted as a women's sport with a roster adjustment of two men, seven women (adjusted for rostered seniors due to the new academic year).
  • Western Illinois announced it was suspending men's and women's swimming in June of 2020. On December 18, the school did the Friday sports cut, officially dropping the programs. The date listed in their chart will be the suspended date, but the link will go to the release of the drop, since we know most teams suspended don't get brought back.
  • Schools listed as closing in 2020-21 are now counted as schools closed, since we are past the 2019-20 academic year. Schools that will stay open until overtaken by others (ex. Pine Manor) were not initially included. The accelerated plan for Pine Manor have added them to the list.
    Since we've passed the 2019-20 academic year, schools announcing closures but still competing for the 2020-21 academic year will also be counted as closing.


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The following is a list of all the known dropped teams and schools closing (with athletics) since the start of the COVID-19 global pandemic. This list is updated frequently and compiled by Jason Bryant (@jasonmbryant) of Mat Talk Online (@mattalkonline). Feel free to use this information as you see fit, but please provide attribution. This page's intent is to inform and educate as well as provide a place to show the impact of the current climate in the world and in college athletics.

A quick total of teams can be seen at the bottom of the table where it generates the number of entries in the table.

Something missing? Please contact me at with any teams that aren't listed. When possible, provide a published report, athletics release or other verifiable source for the information. You can also DM me on Twitter. My DMs are open.

Conference listed is the school's main athletics all-sports conferences, except when noted.

Cut, Dropped & Suspended*

*- Suspended with no named timetable for return

Suspended Sports

Sports announced as suspended with a named timetable of return or re-evaluation.

Reinstated Sports

Sports brought back after an announced drop or suspension.

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