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So what is this page about? Basically, this is my sandbox of research. I've put all sorts of lists and statistics here for easy access to random trivia that comes up in social media discussion, my podcasts, television broadcasts and even announcing. This is where I've compiled my bucketload of statistical information, historical research and other things.

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Interested in diving in? There's several things in here that aren't protected by a password, so feel free to check those out. There's all sorts of … well, sorts, you can do in many of these statistical lists. I'm always adding more. The collection of this material and the time it takes to format and display does fall under what your patronage provides.

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I also like to use this to fact-check people who say they wrestled at nationals or were an All-American. While I don't condone it, this thing might also win you a few bar bets.

— JB

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